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What's Your Guilty Pleasure Movie ??

This coincides with the new podcast episode - out now on Apple and Spotify.

The words GUILTY and PLEASURE to me are a little problematic just in the sense that I'm not so sure GUILT is the best reaction to something you ENJOY. Of course there are certain pleasures that if you indulge TOO MUCH can definitely make a person feel GUILTY (I'm thinking about Cadbury Eggs around easter, and if you eat approximately 1,389 of them you might feel a little sick, and a little guilty).

But let's say you love to play Dungeons and Dragons. Yes, a little Geeky. Some might say you would feel a little guilty enjoying it - a guilty pleasure. But I don't think you SHOULD feel guilty for liking it. Opinions are PERSONAL - if you LOVE playing a video game or watching a movie or reading a book that I find TERRIBLE - that's OK! You do you!

That being said - Guilty Pleasures in this post is going to mean something that you LOVE, yet are a little ashamed that you love it. I don't condone the feelings of guilt, but I accept the reality of that feeling and know that it exists. Something inside us feels we should only be watching entertainment or doing activities that ENRICH us. Like the only books worthy of our time are ones that make us think and grow and change.

WRONG. Something that makes us happy - but doesn't make us question and think and grow and learn and improve - is still worthy! Happiness is worth it!

So get down with your bad self and your guilty pleasures! It's ok!

For me it was hard to decide on a guilty pleasure because I feel little guilt in my life. Doesn't seem productive in my life to pile on more hate of myself than I already naturally have. But some examples others have shared are things like Nicolas Sparks Movies, and The Scary Movie franchise. I'd say the SAW movies should fall under that category. Definitely soap operas and teen dramas like RIVERDALE.

I guess my guilty pleasure is REALITY TV. I love it. Survivor. The Real World. Temptation Island. The Challenge. Put a bunch of self centered people in a controlled environment and make them compete??? YES PLEASE!

So what is something you LOVE, but are a little embarrassed to admit it?? Comment BELOW! And have a GUILT FREE Day!


New Podcast out now - What's your Guilty Pleasure Movie? A movie you LOVE but are a little embarrassed you love it????

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