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80's Love Lip Sync Video students and Staff Dedication

Each year our staff and students try to do something special - a lip dub (or lip sync) video with a musical mashup - usually with a theme - to commemorate the year and have a little community bonding experience. It's a lot of fun, a lot of work, but the end result is always something fond to look back on.

This year we dedicated our "LOVE" theme (80's love songs) to our maintenance, custodian, food service, transportation, secretaries, and technology staff for all they do for us every day - each grade level took on the task of commemorating them in some little way. We also included a small dedication for a very special person we want to always remember.

That meant there was a lot to get in, and the video got a little longer than intended. But it is fun and will always be there to remind the kids and staff of our school year 2018 2019. Hope you enjoy.

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